Centurion Safety

Centurion Auto Transport is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all its employees. Centurion Auto Transport will comply with all applicable safety and security laws and regulations, such as those established by DOT, EPA, OSHA and all other federal, state, and local safety and health agencies. Centurion Auto Transport will make every effort to assure that generally accepted safe practices are followed by all our employees. All employees have a responsibility to themselves and to the company for their safety and the safety of their coworkers.

Safety Attitude for professional drivers:
To be a professional truck driver and be your best at it, you must have a good attitude toward safety. Your commitment to safety is very important to our company. Your safe driving is vital to your success and ours. How safe you are while performing your job affects a lot of people such as your company, it's customers and the general public. But most of all, it affects you. There are many ways to ensure you are a safe driver, but two things stand out above them all: ATTITUDE AND CONTROL.

In all situations on the highway you must maintain control of your surroundings, your speed and space. You must drive defensively because you cannot depend on other drivers to drive safely. Don't let another driver's actions put you in a dangerous situation that could cause an accident.

You, as a professional driver, must stand above the crowd. Be a safe driver and be proud of it. Remember, your job as a car hauler is a specialized division of the trucking industry, so work to be the very best.