Centurion Philosophy

Centurion is dedicated to its employees, customers, technological advancement and the environment. Centurion values its employees. We recognize that we have some of the most talented, loyal, and productive associates in car hauling. At Centurion we are more than a team, we are family.

Centurion’s purpose is to provide our customers with excellent service through our commitment to on-time, damage-free delivery. By selecting and training the most qualified candidates in logistics and transportation we exceed our customers’ expectations faster, safer, and better than our competitors.

Centurion strives to stay ahead in the area of technological advancement. We lead the industry in vehicle tracking. GPS tracking of our fleet ensures constant communication between the driver and operations. It also allows for accurate ETA’s to be given to dealers awaiting arrival of new deliveries. Fuel conservation strategies and truck performance programs are monitored and updated accordingly.

Centurion believes that protecting the environment and improving the air quality for future generations is important. With SmartWay Transport Partnership we communicate to our customers and community that we have committed to using cleaner and more efficient transportation options.

Through dedication, family values, service with purpose and belief in commitment Centurion offers a welcomed atmosphere of quality, integrity and pride.